2/18: Tracing hashtag movements

How do hashtag movements gain attention and momentum?  How do they generate a conversation about critical topics?  What roles do social media and mainstream media play in turning a hashtag into an activist movement?  Do hashtag messages with other mediums such as images or video generate more attention than those that are just text? These are some of the questions we will seek to answer by tracing hashtag movements.

First, read:

  • Writer/Designer:  Ch 2: “Analyzing Multimodal Projects” (pg. 31-40)
  • Ch 4: “Working With Multimodal Sources” (pg. 57-62)
  • Ch 5: “Assembling Your Technologies & Your Team” (pg. 82-86)

Come to class ready to work with your group members to assign roles and research your chosen hashtag.  You might do some preliminary research yourself.  Try and discover its origin–what (event) is the hashtag responding to?  Look for how the hashtag moves out of its original format into other social media platforms and into mainstream media.  Social media analysis tools like Netlytic can help you in this process.  If you know of any other tools that might be helpful, please mention them in a comment to this page!

Also, be prepared to submit your chosen social issue that will be the focus of your transmedia activism campaign.


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