3/10: Skill – Remix

In addition to attribution, another fundamental skill of digital composition is remix.  While remixes have existed as long as music, the creation and distribution of content digitally has meant that remixing art, music, videos, and news can now be accomplished by anyone.

Original by KenlAm, Remix "Wolf from the Door" by bark from Flickr

Original by KenlAm, Remix “Wolf from the Door” by bark
from Flickr

To prepare for class, please:

  • read Eduardo Navas, “Remix Defined” (Please read down the whole page.)
  • listen to selected songs from the Hamilton soundtrack and the Hamilton Mixtape from the Genius website with music player, lyrics/translations & annotations to illustrate the kinds of revision in Navas’s essay:
    • Extended remix: “Take a Break” (0:00-0:20) & “Take a Break (Interlude)” (0:48)
    • Selective remix:”Valley Forge” (2:12) & “Stay Alive.” (2:48)  In this case, “Stay Alive” from the Hamilton soundtrack is actually a remix/revision of “Valley Forge” from the Mixtape!
    • Reflexive remix: “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” (4:00; the line that inspires the remix is 20 seconds in) & “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)” (4:41).  This is reflexive because “Immigrants” takes one popular line from “Yorktown” and turns it into the theme of the whole song with a much different hip-hop feel; yet “Immigrants” relies on the subject of the founding of the US from “Yorktown” to critique the current political attitudes towards immigrants.
      A different style of reflexive remix is “Washington On Your Side” (3:01; click on the Soundcloud logo if it won’t play on the Genius site) and “Washingtons By Your Side” (2:55).  This remix uses the same chord structures and general rhythms of the first song, but changes what is a critique of Hamilton as one who rides on the coattails of others for his success to a celebration of achieving success by yourself.
    • Regenerative remix: the Genius site itself–the annotations keep changing as more users submit and upvote comments.
  • read Writer/Designer Ch 7: “Providing Feedback as a Stakeholder” & “Using Feedback to Revise” (pg. 112-118) to prepare for peer review of your podcasts over spring break

Don’t forget to post the rough cut or rough draft of your podcast to ELMS by midnight on Friday 3/17!

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