3/3: Music & Multimodal Listening

We are constantly surrounded by sounds, whether we are registering them consciously or not.  How do they affect our behavior?  Our interpretation and experience of the environment?  And how do we listen with more than our ears?  In this class, we will explore the links between our own embodiment and how we experience sound.

To prepare:

  • read McKee, “Sound Matters: Notes Toward the Analysis and Design of Sound in Multimodal Webtexts” (ELMS, pdf).  This will situate our exploration of sound within our larger transmedia project, as well as give you some useful vocabulary and ways of thinking about the aural components of the podcast project.
  • watch Evelyn Glennie, a deaf percussionist, give her TED Talk “How to Truly Listen” .
  • read Writer/Designer Ch 5: “Organizing & Sharing Assets” & “Proposing to Get it All Done” (pg. 86-92) to prepare for the podcast project pitch


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