3/8: Storytelling with Sound

We come to storytelling through sound: from the epic poems of Beowulf and The Odyssey delivered by a skilled bard or poet to the family stories we hear as children sitting on our parents’ laps.  However, this kind of storytelling often gets ignored in our busy, visual society.  For this class we will consider what we’ve learned about how people listen and brainstorm how we can effectively get people to care about our social issue by telling a story through sound.

To prepare for this class:

  • watch Ira Glass (a producer on the This American Life podcast) talk about storytelling in this 4-video sequence (total of 18 minutes)
  • read Writer/Designer Ch 6: “Designing Your Project” (pg. 93-95 & 100-105) and Ch 7: “Drafting & Revising Your Project” (pg. 106-112)
  • revise your podcast pitch as needed to review with a classmate
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