4/27: Structuring, Planning & Interactivity

A series of stacked post-it notes with writing on them are lined up on a white background from left to right. Below them are 3 pieces of paper with pictures & descriptions of characters. Below that are colored markers.

Image credit: visualpun.ch, Flickr

Today we will start thinking about the structure of our final transmedia projects, identifying the goals, audience(s), and mediums we want to work in.  We will also be discussing what types of interactive elements might make our projects more interesting.

To prepare for class, please read the following:

  • Phillips, “Fine-Tune for Depth or for Scale (Not Both)” & “Interactivity Creates Deeper Engagement” (ELMS, pdf)
  • Writer/Designer Chapter 8, “Putting Your Project to Work” (pg. 119-131)

Don’t forget to turn in the final draft of your video Public Service Announcement on Friday by midnight!

Interactive Elements to explore in class:

Twine hypertext ‘games’:

Polls & Surveys

Augmented Reality


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